Dorothy Fitzgerald


"Dorothy Fitzgerald traces her long and successful career as a self-taught painter to the experiences of her earliest years. “I began when I was three years old, and all I ever wanted to do was to be an artist.”

As a young artist, Dorothy says, she visited the major museums in the U.S. and came away captivated by seventeenth-century Baroque still life. With these as her models, she has developed a richly luminous style, in which beautifully textured, highlighted objects seem to emerge from a soft dark background. Although she is within the tradition of the Spanish and Dutch still life masters, (she is particularly fond of Vermeer). As a self taught painter, she values her individuality as an artist, and the style she developed is uniquely her own. A collector herself, Dorothy is particularly fond of Impressionism, and she has practiced painting in that style in order to lend spontaneity and life to her work; which, paradoxically, has become even more precise as the years have passed.

The objects that Dorothy chooses to paint-Native American Artifacts, antique objects d’art and musical instruments-are borrowed from friends, antique stores and from her own collection. As historic pieces, they impart a special added dimension to her work.

A popular teacher, Dorothy taught classes and workshops throughout Northern California. Her works hang in the collections of many prominent art patrons in the U.S. and abroad."

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Phone: 360-896-0734  (Vancouver,WA)